What People Are Saying About Power UP

"This book is a must-read for anyone in business. Power Up gives real, actionable advice on how to charter your own destiny, especially when the odds are stacked against you."

Julie Wainwright Founder and CEO of The RealReal

"Magdalena and I worked together in the early days of the Internet, introducing concepts that were completely revolutionary, such as the electronic wallet. She is a fearless entrepreneur who worked hard to help early online merchants get off the ground. Some of them went on to become giants, like Amazon. I urge women to be bold like Magdalena and follow their dreams."

Eric Schmidt Executive Chairman of Google and parent company Alphabet

"I wish I could have given Magdalena Yeşil's book to my two daughters when they graduated from college. It's the perfect gift for any young woman navigating her career. I am definitely giving it to my two girls, and just as importantly, to their boyfriends, too."

Steve Blank entrepreneur and author of The Startup Owner’s Manual and Four Steps to Epiphany

"Magdalena Yeşil offers powerful leadership lessonsfrom her journey to becoming a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor. She drops the reader into vividly recounted, career-defining moments to help them navigate and overcome gender bias in their own lives."

Caroline Simard University Senior Director of Research at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford

"My professional mission is to empower women through fashion. Power Up resonated strongly with me. I highly recommend its confident career guidance from an impressive roster of top women leaders."

Karen Watkins Chief Operating Officer of Christian Dior

"With equal parts practical advice and inspiration, Power UP both challenges and empowers readers to take control of their own careers. As I can attest, you’ll have an advantage with Magdalena beside you on your journey."

Marc Benioff founder, chairman and CEO of Salesforce

“When I reached out to Magdalena in my early days of founding Pono, I benefited greatly from her wisdom and guidance. She is a pragmatic, down-to-earth person who helped me a lot.”

Neil Young composer, musician, and founder of xdigital music startup Pono

“Power Up offers the no-nonsense optimism and encouragement women need to persevere in technology, an industry where so much is stacked against them. It’s crammed with sage advice and insider stories to enlighten the next-generation of women in tech."

Adriana Gascoigne Founder and CEO of Girls in Tech

“This book should be required reading for anyone building a company or making a career as we head into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The lessons Magdalena Yeşil offers from her remarkable work pioneering the commercial Internet are more relevant than ever."

Murat Sönmez member of the World Economic Forum Managing Board

"Technology is changing how business is conducted in all industries. Women who seize technology related opportunities and put the advice offered in Power Up to work will confidently transform businesses and emerge as future leaders of the new economy."

Ron Conway founder of SVAngel